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About Us

Citadel Program Managers, a premier underwriting program administrator, operates in all 50 states as one of the largest, privately owned program administrators in the United States. In addition, Citadel provides international services through its licensing and distribution capabilities in Canada and its cover holding of multiple lines with Lloyd’s of London.

Citadel underwrites and manages multiple exclusive insurance programs on a nationwide basis. Coverages vary from niche transportation programs, professional liability, general liability, CAT property exposures as well as, association-based programs that were developed exclusively for association members.

Citadel approaches developing and underwriting business with careful analysis and in-depth due diligence practices that catalyze profitable insurance programs. We pride ourselves in hiring elite underwriting talent, which has allowed us to consistently provide our partners with a sustained underwriting profit. Eager to collaborate with other companies, Citadel has paperless, full systems capabilities that can be modified to interface with any other insurance company’s systems. We can build custom platforms that generate rules, ratings, underwriting, policy issuance, auditing, filings endorsements, cancellations, and company reporting requirements. Our features enable real time tracking for all parties, making collaboration cohesive and effective.

We deliver a competitive advantage and superior risk placement experience through our service, dedication, and creativity.